Not all nutrient sources are the same

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Contrary to the materialist assumption that, automatically, one vitamin = another vitamin because it has a similar atomic makeup, many variants of simple vitamins DO exist that the body can use well or that it can’t use at all. It’s very complex and I still have a lot to learn about these myriad variations myself, […]

Taking Vitamin D3? You NEED Vitamin K2.

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Today’s another short little post. In the body, there’s a kind of Holy Trinity of vitamins D, K and the mineral calcium. This is pulled from an LEF article (linked at end) [I]t is clear that maintenance of healthy bone density requires adequate levels of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K. Without vitamin D, there […]

Supplements can be useful

supplements - pills

yousowould recently posted that “pretty much all supplements are a load of shit” and if you read into it, he actually means they’re full of shit only if you are trying to increase testosterone and muscle mass. Unless you aren’t getting those vitamins in your diet already, you don’t really need those “testosterone boosters.” He […]