The Problems and Pitfalls of Chasing Small Effects: A Hunting Analogy


This week’s post is by special guest, Nootroponaut. The big picture behind this article’s analogy could be applied to many other contexts in life. For obvious reasons, I choose supplements as the context.   What Are Small Effect Hunters? Small effect [SE] hunters pursue goals and actions that mainly arise from spurious ideas and/or incomplete […]

How to tell if nootropics are working for you

becoming a nootropic guinea pig

Since this site began a year ago, I have written about several nootropics that nearly anyone can purchase online easily. My personal journey with nootropics started with Piracetam, which I first began to take in 2010. I read as much layman literature about Piracetam and similar nootropics in my free time as a full-time student. While […]

2 things you need to do before taking nootropics

Athletes in peak condition

I may have written this before, but I am going to make it more clear here: nootropics are no cure for an underlying health issue that can cause cognitive impairment. Think about nootropics in the way that a small segment of athletes use performance enhancing substances. These athletes are typically at the peak of their […]

Pramiracetam – A stimulating nootropic racetam

pramiracetam piracetam molecular structure diagrams from

About 6 months ago I had ordered some basic nootropics from Health Supplement Wholesalers: Noopept, aniracetam and pramiracetam. I sort of just let aniracetam and pramiracetam sit in a dark cupboard waiting to be used. Anyway, I recently got around to trying pramiracetam a while ago, and I liked what I took. (In fact, this […]

Nootropic notes: Maca, ALCAR and choline


I’m currently working on a post on the B vitamins that is going to be delayed until Wednesday to ensure its quality. For now, here’s some of my recent personal notes. Maca seems to increase feelings of confidence and sociability As I wrote last week, I’ve been taking maca root. Some other things I didn’t […]

Long-term DMAE benefits

DMAE - focus, vigilance and willpower

I didn’t have anything substantial planned for this Monday’s post as I’ve been on a vacation, but here goes nothing. Just over a month ago, I purchased a bottle of DMAE liquid drops because this substance was said to increase vigilance, focus and to a lesser extent wakefulness and willpower. I started out with 50 […]