How to beat seasonal depression (SAD) symptoms this year

Autumn, winter and seasonal affective disorder (depression)

Fall is here, so is a major change in mood. If you’re like me, you enjoy the crisp, cold air and the crunchy orange leaves that litter the streets. However, it can be hard to shake that sinking feeling that comes with the changes and all the activities that are brought indoors due to the […]

Phenibut – Pro-social anti-anxiety wonder drug

Phenibut - Anti-anxiety drug

Recently I received a big order of various nootropics and other supplements at Powder City, and among those was phenibut. I had the opportunity to try it over the last three weeks, and I was impressed. What is phenibut? Phenibut is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA. Discovered in Soviet Russia in the 60’s, phenibut’s […]

Can Noopept Help Overcome a Negative Mindset?

stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to grow

Warning: This post is purely speculative, subjective and anecdotal. There is little solid research to assert some of the statements in this post. If this doesn’t bother you, read on. Otherwise, please view my other Nootropics posts or consider using nutrition and natural substances to help with negative mood and depression. I am not a […]

Kava Kava root: Anti-stress and sleep aid

kava kava plant (piper methysticum)

Kava Kava is yet another interesting plant I’ve had the privilege of learning about recently. It has a storied history of use as both recreational and ritual psychoactive by several island cultures throughout the southern and western Pacific. Today in countries where it isn’t banned or restricted, it’s mainly used as a sleep aid and […]

SSRIs and natural alternatives

addiction withdrawl and side effects from antidepressant SSRI

If you’ve heard of SSRIs or SNRIs, you’d know them as “happy pills” or antidepressants. Prozac, Zoloft and Wellbutrin are some well-known brand names among these, and doctors prescribe them for a number of reasons: Dr. Healy goes on to explain that antidepressants are little use for people who have psychological symptoms in the absence […]

Ashwagandha – Stress and anxiety-reducing Ayurvedic herb

withania somnifera ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a name for the plant Withania somnifera and is a highly regarded substance among Ayurvedic herbs. As I always explain here, don’t let the fact that this is a plant fool you: herbs are just as potent, if not more so than nutrients and the only reason we don’t understand them is because […]

Stop depressive symptoms with these supplements


I’ve already written the preface to this article on my alternate blog, linked at the bottom. In short, I explained that “depression” is a cluster of symptoms that academics and mainstream medicine diagnose as a chemical condition. It’s their job to deal with it in terms of pills and brain chemicals. In contrast I acknowledged […]

Theanine – potent anxiety reliever and nootropic caffeine synergist

theanine in tea leaves

If you’ve never heard of theanine, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. You’ve tried it before if you’ve drank a cup of tea and noticed the stimulating properties of tea didn’t quite have the harsh buzz that coffee does. Theanine has been touted as a simple, more natural anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) substance that doesn’t screw […]

Caffeine-induced manic depression, or how I learned to beat the crash

pissed off at coffee

Lately, I’ve been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, what with all of the freely-available caffeine I’ve been imbibing for my college finals. I’d drink a Stok shot to study or finish writing, but an hour or two later I’d inevitably start feeling a little bit sleepy, and then I’d feel downright pissed or […]