Is bulk caffeine powder deadly and in need of regulation?

Logan Stiner bulk caffeine overdose

Not too long ago, bulk caffeine powder came under fire by the media. Purchasing bulk supplements like caffeine on Amazon and elsewhere was touted as some kind of wild, unregulated frontier that you should be afraid of. Fear is a great way to manipulate. Pretty much every adult who hates Mondays knows about caffeine, and […]

Caffeine-induced manic depression, or how I learned to beat the crash

pissed off at coffee

Lately, I’ve been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, what with all of the freely-available caffeine I’ve been imbibing for my college finals. I’d drink a Stok shot to study or finish writing, but an hour or two later I’d inevitably start feeling a little bit sleepy, and then I’d feel downright pissed or […]