Original Testosterone Stack by Powder City – Review

Original Testosterone Stack by Powder City

About a month ago I ordered the Original Testosterone Stack by Powder City. It contains several supplements that, as the name implies, may act on testosterone or other hormones. I assume it is actually meant to increase sex drive or aid in other conditions associated with low testosterone and that it can’t actually increase testosterone. […]

Week 1: pre-Nootropic Benchmarks

Dual 2-Back test

About two weeks ago I wrote this post about establishing your baseline prior to testing to see if a nootropic has any measurable effect on memory, reaction speed or fluid intelligence. After about a week’s worth of trials, I have six days of results. One day’s data was lost due to my neglect to back […]

Establish a control or baseline for your nootropic self-experiment

Dual 2-Back test

In the pursuit of alternatives to racetam nootropics, I recently acquired the 30-day Uridine stack and the Artichoke + Forskolin stack (Similar to the popular “CILTEP”) from Powder City to give them each a try. I decided that for each stack I would create some actual “normal” benchmarks that would hopefully shed some light on […]

Sexual health hack: Garlic

garlic for sexual health

The idea that garlic is healthy and good for you is taken for granted. Garlic is best known as a pungent spice used in Asian and Italian cuisine, but it’s also renowned for its ability to lower cholesterol1 and blood pressure2 : two issues that affect many people that haven’t taken control of their health. […]