Sexual health hack: Garlic

garlic for sexual health

The idea that garlic is healthy and good for you is taken for granted. Garlic is best known as a pungent spice used in Asian and Italian cuisine, but it’s also renowned for its ability to lower cholesterol1 and blood pressure2 : two issues that affect many people that haven’t taken control of their health. […]

Is magnesium stearate a big deal?

magnesium stearate bulk

Some people when looking for supplements are concerned with the addition of magnesium stearate. You may have noticed it if you’ve purchased any supplements before and looked at the ingredients. In this post I’ll go into what the substance is, why some manufacturers use it, and why you may want to avoid it. I’ll also […]

How to make it easier to take multiple supplements

Apex Twice-A-Day Weekly Pill Organizer

I have at least 30 supplements at my disposal. I don’t take some of them every day, some of them aren’t even for me. Some are tinctures, capsules or bulk powders. For some people, taking more than one supplement in a day can become a chore or just difficult to remember. You have to manually […]