Does Vitamin C do anything for cold and flu?

vitamin c packaging dosage

Ascorbic acid, more commonly known as Vitamin C, is a very interesting and often overlooked substance. It’s commonly used as a preservative and small amounts are used to fortify many foods. It is also one of the most popular supplements. With few exceptions, the current mainstream scientific consensus seems to be that taking more than […]

Theobromine – A Gentle Stimulant

yerba mate gourd theobromine

Theobromine, a word meaning “food of the gods,” is a substance found in abundance in cocoa, tea, yerba mate and guayusa. It’s one of the xanthine alkaloids like caffeine, another stimulating compound that most of the world is familiar with in the form of coffee. Characterized as a mild stimulant, theobromine may be useful for […]

How to beat seasonal depression (SAD) symptoms this year

Autumn, winter and seasonal affective disorder (depression)

Fall is here, so is a major change in mood. If you’re like me, you enjoy the crisp, cold air and the crunchy orange leaves that litter the streets. However, it can be hard to shake that sinking feeling that comes with the changes and all the activities that are brought indoors due to the […]