Phenibut – Pro-social anti-anxiety wonder drug

Phenibut - Anti-anxiety drug

Recently I received a big order of various nootropics and other supplements at Powder City, and among those was phenibut. I had the opportunity to try it over the last three weeks, and I was impressed. What is phenibut? Phenibut is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA. Discovered in Soviet Russia in the 60’s, phenibut’s […]

Selecting a choline source for your nootropic stack

Eggs as choline source

Today’s post is an overview of the most well-known and preferred choline sources of nootropic users. Also: If you’re tight on money, I’ll show you how to raise your ACh on the cheap. Anyway, many nootropic gurus and other psychonauts suggest that you add a source of choline before taking a substance like Piracetam or […]