UpliftX review – Better than a Caffeine Pill

Review of UpliftX by Pill Scout

I was recently sent a sample bottle of UpliftX: 30 capsules of a supplement that contain a synergistic blend of theanine and caffeine. The supplement arrived in a regular mailing envelope, and was in a standard plastic supplement bottle with a proper product label and supplement information. “Made in the USA,” which is somehow assuring. […]

Instant Tea Powder is the Best Pick-Me-Up

coffee vs. instant tea

Last year I quit coffee and high-caffeine “energy drinks” because it put me on a weird rollercoaster energy cycle that just was not conducive to a steady stream of productivity. I switched almost exclusively to tea for caffeine and used alternatives like cocoa, guayusa and red ginseng to get the job done. Tea has a […]

Plans as of Summer 2014

to do list summer 2014

I’ve been mostly mum about what I expect to do with the site this year. It’s a couple months over a year old now. Here are my early plans for this summer and the rest of the year for PillScout.com: Complete a 3rd short e-book (non-supplement related but for self-improvement) Complete preliminary mental performance tests […]

Bad combos: Cholinergics

Acetylcholine structure

Inspired by a recent comment, I decided I would lend some insight into which substances should NOT be combined, at least not without some prior consideration of their properties. Today’s post will be about cholinergics. When you’re new to nootropic supplementation it’s easy to overdo it. Always remember: More is not necessarily better! What are […]

Yohimbe – fat-burning stimulant and sex enhancer

Yohimbe - pausinystalia johimbe

I’ve used and encountered yohimbe and its active component yohimbine in various forms over the years. It’s never been on a regular basis, but I thought it would be of interest to write about this week. I’ve also mentioned this one along side several select herbs in the Testosterone Black Book for sexual enhancement. What […]