Beta-Alanine: A pre-workout amino for mass and endurance

beta-alanine molecular structure - for endurance and strength

If you’re new to the world of weight training and all of the strange and sometimes expensive supplements that come along with it, beta-alanine will sound foreign to you. For everyone else, they may find beta-alanine to be familiar as it’s already incorporated into several premium pre-workout blends. What is beta-alanine?1 It’s a precursor to […]

The Problems and Pitfalls of Chasing Small Effects: A Hunting Analogy


This week’s post is by special guest, Nootroponaut. The big picture behind this article’s analogy could be applied to many other contexts in life. For obvious reasons, I choose supplements as the context.   What Are Small Effect Hunters? Small effect [SE] hunters pursue goals and actions that mainly arise from spurious ideas and/or incomplete […]