Nootropic notes: Maca, ALCAR and choline


I’m currently working on a post on the B vitamins that is going to be delayed until Wednesday to ensure its quality. For now, here’s some of my recent personal notes. Maca seems to increase feelings of confidence and sociability As I wrote last week, I’ve been taking maca root. Some other things I didn’t […]

Red Ginseng Root – An invaluable energy-booster

korean red ginseng root panax

Recently I was contacted by fellow writer Giovanni Dannato about trying out a sample of one of his offerings at his herbal store — red ginseng root — and explaining what I thought. Being the curious type, and seeing how whole red ginseng is rare in North America and I had never seen or taken […]

Science is a method, not an institution

confused scientist

[This is just a rant I’ve had saved up for a while. I’ve got a post about ginseng root coming up this week on Wednesday so stay tuned.] These days people will clamor over themselves to righteously proclaim that something isn’t “scientifically valid,” their phrase often meaning that something isn’t peer-reviewed in an academic setting […]