Reader Discussions: Yogurt, piracetam, phenibut, choline and trolls

reader mail for pill scout

Since I started this site, I didn’t think much would come of the comments section so I’ve sort of neglected it more than a good site proprietor should. However, there have been some great reader comments over time which bring up some great points, ask some great questions, and even reveal how some big trolls […]

Natural stimulants and energy boosters


Let’s face it: If you’re tired, you aren’t going to get anything done. Even if you’re awake and well-rested, sometimes you still feel tired. There can be many underlying causes for your fatigue, such as gut issues, metabolism and poor sleep, but here we’re just covering the remedies available for fatigue. This post should not […]

This week’s missing post

cool macbook bro

Welp, my web host locked up my login script for my site on account of massive numbers of brute force login attempts. They’ve been trying this for months. Anyway, brute forcing is simply using sequentially-generated passwords to attempt a login. I didn’t get around to fixing it by the time my usual Monday post was […]