Stop depressive symptoms with these supplements


I’ve already written the preface to this article on my alternate blog, linked at the bottom. In short, I explained that “depression” is a cluster of symptoms that academics and mainstream medicine diagnose as a chemical condition. It’s their job to deal with it in terms of pills and brain chemicals. In contrast I acknowledged […]

The pros and cons of supplement and nootropic blends


Wow, a multivitamin that packs all of your daily nutrients into one dosage! Hey, a nootropic capsule that has everything and every ‘racetam under the sun! Sounds awesome, right? It might not be so awesome. After revisiting some of these blended wonderpills for myself I decided to weigh out whether this was better than sticking […]

Turmeric and curcumin for inflammation, painkilling and more

turmeric root and powder

Turmeric and its yellow colorizer, curcumin, seemed like something that old people take for their joints. However, after some reading I’ve realized it may be good for people of all ages. Turmeric’s active compound curcumin just happens to be a potent anti-inflammatory that benefits the health of several systems throughout the body according to numerous […]

First 6 Months – A milestone update

Now for a break from your regularly-scheduled programming… Here are some updates pertaining to myself and the site: Online written consultations for $5 One customer had this to say about my supplement stack consultation service over at Fiverr: Delivered bang on time and far more detailed than I ever expected. Well thought out with a […]