Protip for free caffeine

If you are a starving student like me, you thrive with caffeine.

I know that caffeine has its disadvantages, but its major advantage is that you are “awake” when you choose, rather than whenever your silly body decides it should be awake. (Silly body, doing things against my will.)

But anyway, as a starving student, it’s hard to get good sources of caffeine. You mean shitty drip coffee? Nope, that stuff sucks. If you don’t have a french press or a kettle or a coffee grinder or coffee beans it’ll be a pain to get caffeine the good way.

Energy drinks? They work, but they cost nearly $3 for a can.

You’re trying to stay awake to finish some papers or articles or cram for a test, and you can’t afford shit with your $1.26 in coins.

So what the fuck do you do?

You get your ass over to 7-Eleven and pick up some of these bad boys:

Stok coffee shot

These are called Stok shots.

You take that $1.26 in change, buy one of those 99 cent iced tea or juice beverages, then drop a couple of those in the drink.

Or, you can take the Man Challenge™ and drink a couple of them straight.

Either way,


Energy on a budget, bitches.

If you want to buy a ton of these for yourself instead of taking money from the hard-working folks at 7-Eleven, get some bulk Stok in a 264-count box for $23.57. These should last you for a few months.

Pill Scout is a nutrition enthusiast who strives to find the best substances to enhance the everyday experience.

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  • Tony

    Each Stok shot only has 40mg of caffeine, which would do nothing. It would take 5 of these to equal the potency of a mere 1 cup of black coffee. You would have to grab more than a handful out of the store and hope the Indians present there don’t give a shit.

    What would be more economical is buying a jar of 100 Caffeine pills that contains 200mg each tablet for only $6. Even a bulk box of Stok for that ridiculous price cannot compare..

    • Pill Scout

      Actually, a typical cup of coffee has ~80 mg of caffeine, so it would only take two of these to equal the potency.

      Unless you’re suffering so much adrenal burnout that you need 200 mg to even feel anything anymore, I’d pass on caffeine pills. By that point, you may as well be taking modafinil to stay alert.

      Besides, when it comes to caffeine, you really don’t need more than 50-100 mg in your system per hour. To that end, Stok shots still rule.