My take on “Body of a Spartan”


Body of a Spartan was one of the first books that opened my eyes to weightlifting and powerlifting. Yes, I started lifting barely a year ago, I was a skinny, scrawny nerd, then I picked up Body of a Spartan. I’m still a lightweight and probably will be for life, but I’m much stronger than […]

Soylent – Rob Rhinehart’s Juice Fasting for Transhumanists

fat vitruvian man

In case you haven’t heard of Rob and his “Soylent Green” experiment, he took a bunch of nutrients and vitamins in their unbound chemical form, mixed them into a powder, and has been living off of it for the last few months. It has been specifically formulated to contain all of the nutrients that humans […]

Citrulline can improve erectile function

pitch hella tents with citrulline

The non-essential amino acid L-citrulline is found naturally in watermelon among other foods, and is a natural precursor to the amino L-arginine. Because effective doses of supplemental arginine are not safe compared to citrulline in its supplement form, you should just get your arginine in the form of citrulline. But pill scout, why the hell […]

Gaining strength and lean mass

no lift, no lean mass

I’m what the bro-nerds call a “hardgainer.” I know that there’s basically no such thing, as much of your body composition seems to be a result of engrained habits and eating choices. I’m naturally lean. With that said, I’ve been hitting some plateaus in my lifts (big 3 – squat, deadlift, bench + a few […]

Supplements can be useful

supplements - pills

yousowould recently posted that “pretty much all supplements are a load of shit” and if you read into it, he actually means they’re full of shit only if you are trying to increase testosterone and muscle mass. Unless you aren’t getting those vitamins in your diet already, you don’t really need those “testosterone boosters.” He […]