Why bother with supplements?

“Supplements,” a lot of people ask. “Why bother with those? Why not just eat food?”


There are a couple of points I can make against that:

Food costs money. Nutritious, healthy foods cost more.

Yes, in the long run and for your health, you should eat better to prevent disease. Unfortunately, the modern world has us by the balls. Farm subsidies and cheap, unhealthy food are cheaper and (seemingly) more appealing than a fresh-cooked meal of fluffy potatoes, juicy scallops, savory steak, crunchy buttered asparagus, and other delicious veggies and meats that were produced the right way.

So if you’re a cheap bastard, you should get supplements and order them online. I can buy the most essential supplements for much cheaper than going to the grocery store across the street and paying a buttload of my earnings for 2 days worth of decent food with the equivalent nutrition.

Supplements are easy, portable and convenient.

I’m not going to lie, a freshly-made fruit and vegetable juice and a freshly cooked rare grass-fed New York strip steak are almost worth dying for. However, both of those take time and money, and unless you have both, you don’t want to waste your time dying from modern diseases because you can’t afford the time or the money to get the actual food sources.

grass fed beef vs. supplements

We live in the 21st century, and all the nutrients we need come in liquid, powder, capsule and tablet forms. Sure, not all of them are bioavailable as the natural forms may be, but some supplements are best taken in supplement form simply because you can get more of it at once, and you can take them almost anywhere, especially if you’re constantly moving around. It’s a pain in the ass to have to make juice when you’re at school or work, or to have a nutritious home-cooked meal when you’re on the road.

Yes, there are some disadvantages to supplements, and here they are:

  • Some supplements are not as bioavailable as food sources.
  • Supplements may contain unwanted junk that can gunk up the liver.

The obvious solutions to both are: 1) Getting the nutrients in their most bioavailable form, whether food or supplement and 2) cleansing the liver once in a while.

I for one enjoy supplements. They are a godsend in a modern world where convenience and cheapness are king, and any side effects can be mitigated with a bit of research, and any toxic effects on the body can be cleansed in time. It might seem like a devil’s bargain, but to climb out of hell, it’s a bargain you’ll want to take.

Pill Scout is a nutrition enthusiast who strives to find the best substances to enhance the everyday experience.

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