NEW: Male Health Protocol + Testosterone Black Book

Today I am finally announcing the release of the Male Health Protocol and Testosterone Black Book. Both will be available in a special discount combo pack for $19 only until January 3. After that they will be available for $23.99, however you may purchase the Male Health Protocol alone for $13.99 or the Testosterone Black […]

Not all nutrient sources are the same

carrot juice - tastes good and is good for your tan.

Contrary to the materialist assumption that, automatically, one vitamin = another vitamin because it has a similar atomic makeup, many variants of simple vitamins DO exist that the body can use well or that it can’t use at all. It’s very complex and I still have a lot to learn about these myriad variations myself, […]

How I used Blue Lotus to space out and have weird dreams

egyptian psychoactive blue lotus flower

This post departs from my usual nutrition and productivity enhancements, but don’t be alarmed as I’ve had more “recreational” substances in my backlog for some time as well. I’m currently working on a book for general male health, so keep an eye out for that in January. Sacred blue lily Today I’m going to talk […]

Increase your stress tolerance

Poor Erica. They really should have put a trigger warning on that Return of Kings piece.

Stress is hormetic. If you don’t have any stress, you’ll die. If you have too much stress, you’ll die. Life is not stress-free, so it’s a good idea to just increase your tolerance to it. Most people call it “reducing stress” but if you’re reducing stress you are probably reducing your livelihood too. Stress is […]

Reader Discussions: Yogurt, piracetam, phenibut, choline and trolls

reader mail for pill scout

Since I started this site, I didn’t think much would come of the comments section so I’ve sort of neglected it more than a good site proprietor should. However, there have been some great reader comments over time which bring up some great points, ask some great questions, and even reveal how some big trolls […]

Natural stimulants and energy boosters


Let’s face it: If you’re tired, you aren’t going to get anything done. Even if you’re awake and well-rested, sometimes you still feel tired. There can be many underlying causes for your fatigue, such as gut issues, metabolism and poor sleep, but here we’re just covering the remedies available for fatigue. This post should not […]